Western Union carding

Western union carding 100% working tut, western union carding pays only if you know the path. kills one or two card before success, but you will get there as long as you follow every bit of the trail…….

Steps for WU Carding

Buy old western union accounts, You can buy one Here>>>.

Get wu account with same city zip code as card, 50/50 chances of getting same city zip code but something close works too but lesser success. Hence it’s advisable to get wu account before you get cc, cos it will be easier to get cc with same zip code with purchased wu account

Get cc, with same city socks, clean socks, you can look it up before you proceed.

Do not edit purchased Wu account account, Just add cc number, expiry date and cvv, and place order small, not large, you can try few 100s, works to world wide.


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