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How are you all doing? In this article today we are going to show you a new and simple way to buy bitcoins by Carding the Edge wallet.

Things you’ll require are:

A Mobile phone (Android is more suitable).
The edge wallet.
A safe VPN.
CC/CVV (Credit card).
Steps to card the edge wallet and earn bitcoins in 2022

    Edge wallet is a crypto wallet, which can be used to shop or make deals on cryptocurrencies.
    Unlike the majority of the wallets, this one supports many different coins and tokens. We ourselves use this wallet for daily usage.

This wallet can be used throughout the world. Just download it from the google playstore.


Picking a VPN for carding is an essential question for your security and your money.

Free VPNs are not an option because in the majority of the cases they log their user’s IPs and other delicate data, not to mention their quality is also very poor, their repeated disconnections will jeopardize your security and your carding success.

Result: Wild-goose chase and cash + Eliminate the card + Risks your safety.

Popular and/or expensive VPNs are not necessarily a great solution either because a high cost doesn’t indicate that is high quality.

Popular VPNs typically record their user’s information, might prohibit you if they discover a deceptive activity (carding), and flag your account: All flagged accounts are usually set to be sent out to the authorities if a police investigation is made.

Outcome: Risky!

Once you discover the VPN of your choice make sure you connect to it and are ready to go.

Before going to the next step, we are going to rapidly describe what a BIN is considering that a few of you may not know.

BIN = Bank Identification Number.

A BIN is the first 6 varieties of a card. It contains essential info like Country, Bank name, kind of card, and card level (debit, credit, traditional, gold).


For this action, you’ll need 1 Credit card of BIN 556314, 540463, 520757, or 471510.

If you have a routine severe supplier who can supply you a minimum of among these BINs noted above that’s perfect, otherwise you can go ahead and buy it from our shop, and while making the purchase put the note in addition to your preferred BIN such as 556314 and we will honor your request.

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The BIN above is one of the very best BIN for carding! We can utilize numerous carding approaches utilizing these BIN cards!

You may be tempted to ask Why?

Well… It’s because this BIN represents a card provided by LLOYDS BANK and it immediately bypasses the Mastercard safe and secure code gate (MSC) so we can include this BIN in non-MSC CCs.

So with your VPN switched on go to the Edge wallet and choose BUY.

VPN is switched ON to the location of the card owner (Any city is fine as long as you select the exact same nation as the card owner).

Select Credit & debit card method which is powered by SIMPLEX.

Select Buy.

Select the Wallet.

GET IN $200 MAX Don’t stress over it just yet. You can do this numerous times, even cash out the whole balance if you’re lucky enough and got the right carding skills.

Enter the card details.

Minimize the Edge wallet, go to temp- mail.org, and make a temporary mail. Do not close this yet.

Copy and Minimize.

Go back to Edge wallet and finish the rest with the e-mail you’ve just signed up for.

Confirm the e-mail by going back to the mail you simply created.

Here is your confirmation message enter this on your Edge wallet.

Select GBP to prevent unnecessary costs.

Wait till this load.

The payment has actually been made. It would take about 5-30 minutes for the coins to arrive in your wallet.

Ta-da!! The coins have actually shown up. Repeat the operation up until the card gets decreased. To start again with a new card, make certain to make a brand-new account.

This technique is among the very best carding tricks we really have since each quantity in BTC is carded in less than 10 mins. And most significantly utilize only the BINS we have actually stated cause not all BINs would work.

We are still experimenting with other bins and will include them in this technique if we find more working ones

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