A guide to Social Engineering

Social Engineering

As Social Engineering hacks are now getting effective,
i can say Virtually all hacks can’t be done effectively without the help of Social Engineering tactics.

today we are going to focus on getting mainly some details such as Email Addresses and Passwords, so we are going to build up a website to target some particular people and have them create an account in the website we have developed.

So let’s start with the meaning of What Social Engineering Means?

Social Engineering is the art of getting people to submit the informations to you with ease. Instead of breaking through thier systems or devices to get it yourself.

#1. Select Your Target Audience

The first step of it all is for you to pick up a target, be it an industry or a particular people, here we are going to use students, so you can create a particular websites that students can login to read.

#2. Use Their Email Address as Their Username

Now that the website has been set up and running, you we need an authentication mechanism. we will just ask the students to enter their email address as their username, since many sites do use the email address means to allow people register into their sites.

After they enter their details username, they will also select password part for them to be part of your blog.

#3. Promote/Advertise The Website.

This shouldn’t be considered the hardest part though, but to some it will be hard, you need to promote the site , so that even busy students will find the site and open account on your site.

I will advice you make use of Google AdWords to reach out to people or rather some other Advertising sites that helps you reach out to the World.

Although, this might take some few time, but to be successful in anything in this world, you have to learn to be patient and creative, some effective hacks takes years to be completed.

#4 Try Entering Their Email With The Passwords.

Sure, we’ve gotten some serious students that loves reading alot, so they will surely click to read some books, so they will surely Sign up with thier emails and passwords will the aim of reading.

So there are 90% of them that will be re-using their normal passwords to register, because not everyone can go through the stress of using different passwords for different accounts.

#5. Find Other Accounts

Now that you have successfully login into any Gmail account, actually you shouldn’t expect all the submitted details to match their Gmail details, so if few gets logged in successfully, Congrats.

Now after full access to the Gmail accounts, now let’s search for other accounts such as facebook, bank, brokage, because emails accounts are the means of verifying accounts.

And viola, Social Engineering Completed, so I hope you have learnt a practical example of how you can hack accounts using Social Engineering Method, it just all about patience..

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