Hello beautiful people, how are you all doing? Today we’ve bought a very interesting new AirBNB carding method.

Apart from carding for cashout, you can also card for free reservations in luxury hotels with our Air bnb carding method.

To card Airbnb is easy, but we dislike the fact that the company does not allow users to transfer the gift cards used for booking free accommodations to other Airbnb accounts so that’s a bit of a pain, but hey it is what it is, carders can’t be choosers, right.

The major difference between Air bnb carding and carding such as Amazon carding, Nike carding, Apple Pay carding, Venmo carding, Wish Carding, etc. is that no shipping is required.

However, some carding methods like CashApp carding and PayPal carding do not use shipping either.

Airbnb carding is based on an Air bnb gift card that you purchase with CC (buy cc in our shop here, link at the bottom of this article as always).

You do not need multiple accounts, but you need a VPN (optional if you want to stay anonymous) while buying the gift card for carding.


Air bnb was introduced in 2008 as a solution for booking reservations in the biggest hotels online in the US. The company extended its booking services worldwide slowly until carders all over the world noticed their presence.

The first Air bnb carding was carried out by a Russian and he spent 5 years from 2009 all the way up to 2014 enjoying free tourisms and sleeping in the best hotels for free.

The reason why he was able to get away with carding Airbnb is that you do not have to link your bank account after purchasing the gift card with CC.

In 2019 alone Airbnb reportedly recorded $4.7 billion with carders contributing over $90 million to the company’s revenue.

The good news is that Air bnb does not plan to do anything about the ongoing carding because it benefits the company largely and it is also difficult to trace carders perpetrating the act.

There is an option to buy Airbnb gift cards from retail online stores and you can still use your CC on these stores to obtain Airbnb gift cards for carding free hotel vacations successfully.

Meanwhile, although you can do without a VPN, it is recommended to ensure excellent operations security.

The reason we recommend carding Air bnb over other vacation booking sites is that your carded gift card will never expire unless you close the Airbnb account.

# Requirements for carding AirBNB

Without the appropriate tools, you cannot card an Air bnb gift card successfully. Fortunately, I have included the requirements in this Airbnb carding tutorial.

Check out the requirements for carding Airbnb below:


A VPN is a tool you cannot do without as a carder. Typically, a premium VPN is what you need.

However, note that the VPN will ONLY protect you it will not be useful for carding, and that’s where the SOCKS5 comes in handy.

For example, if you are carding the US, your VPN must support the US servers and on top of that, you will use the SOCKS5 to match the location near the card holder’s address.


To buy a live CC fullz is the most difficult aspect of carding. Honestly, you will find the best CC fullz that you can find here in our shop.

Note that the CC must match the location you want to card.

For example, if you want to card the US version of Air bnb, you need a CC that was registered in the US.

The reason is that the Air bnb payment portal may decline CC payments from different countries (though not always the case).


Carding Airbnb should require two accounts, but it is somehow needless.

I used a single account to purchase the Airbnb gift card and the same account to book luxury hotels.

But you can create two accounts; one account for buying the gift card and the second account for storing the gift card.

I would recommend creating two accounts because most carders use two accounts to card Airbnb.


You can get a burner phone number, also called the temporary phone number from our store (link at the bottom of this article.


If you are creating two accounts, you need two email addresses. Otherwise, settle with a single email address. It is not possible to use one email address for creating two Airbnb accounts, so, do not even think of it.


In this section, we disclose the steps to card Airbnb and get away with it.

Although Airbnb carding relies on Airbnb gift cards, the reality is that you can be traced if you do not follow the right steps.

Follow the Airbnb carding method below:

  • Buy Live CC
  • Open Airbnb Account(s)
  • Buy Airbnb Gift Card Online
  • Add Gift Card to Your Account
  • Book an Accommodation


Of course, the first thing you need is a CC that is live with a high balance.

The preferred CC details are non-verified by Visa because it will not request OTP (One-Time Password) to process the payment you will make online for the Airbnb gift card.

Note that most of the stores that sell CCs online are fake. So, you must be careful not to lose money to fellow scammers and buy it directly from us here.


Next, open an Airbnb account with a VPN – free or paid connected to the servers of the country you want to card. Assuming you are carding the UK Airbnb, you need a UK VPN to create an account as a UK resident.

It does not matter whether the sign-up details on your Airbnb account match with the CC details. However, I recommend the details match as much as possible.


To buy an Airbnb gift card, visit and click Buy Gift Card. Depending on the CC balance, you can buy more than $500 worth of gift cards.

Set the Delivery Option to Email and enter the email address that you used to register your Airbnb account in the Recipient Email field, then add to cart.

Now, log in to the other Airbnb account that you created (not the recipient account) and use it to access the Air bnb gift card store.

Complete the transaction by providing the CC details in the credit card payment option.


After buying the gift card and sending it to your recipient email address, go to the recipient email address and do the following:

  • Visit your recipient’s Airbnb account.
  • Hit Account from the dropdown menu bar.
  • Click the Payment & Payouts
  • Select Add Gift Card.
  • Now, enter the number and PIN from your email to redeem the Air bnb gift card.

Note: If you are unable to access the Air bnb gift card store from your mobile device, you can switch to desktop mode in your browser or use a computer.


Once you redeem the gift card, you can book accommodation with any of the biggest hotels that your carded Air bnb gift card amount can afford.


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