Today we will give you the latest cloned credit/debit card (also known as the “Dumps”) method so you can cashout at your local ATM.

A lot of mates are contacting us saying that cashout “Dumps” is not possible in the “EU” as the bank ATMs use “EMV Chip.”

All we can say to that is “you are lacking knowledge” and your circle of friends is also lacking knowledge like yourself, as the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together.” 

However, as you have stumbled upon our site and then blog and now that you are reading our post so things are about to change for you, and not just change but change for the better! To allow that change to happen you need to have a clear open mind while reading this blog post article or any of our articles for that matter.

Let us start by telling you this, everything that you can think of is possible, as long as you can think, it can be done given enough time and resources, cashing out “EMV” based “CC” or “DC” whether they are “Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, Diner, Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One, U.S Bank, Wells Fargo,” or whatever it doesn’t matter as long as you got the valid “Track 2” data from anywhere any bank in the world we can make an “EXACT COPY” of its “EMV Chip” as well as its “magnetic stripe” and anyone that says otherwise is simply lacking knowledge and a pure Nob, no disrespect but “Nob” is the right word for such person.

As a matter of fact, there is also a “hassle-free” way to clone “EMV Chip and Pin” cards using “Prilex” and no it’s NOT new either, the “Prilex has been active since 2014” and is designed to subvert the latest protections introduced by card companies.

Before you wonder why you haven’t heard of it and those how have why haven’t they used it? Well, it’s because Prilex is sold as a complete package for no less than €10,000/$13,000 we have that in stock but we haven’t listed it on our site due to its price, so if you want to buy it you can always get in touch with us (do NOT get in touch with us regarding Prilex if you are not a serious cyber entity with experience, we will NOT sell this to nobs due to its price and experience, there are NO exceptions to this).

Prilex works with both debit and credit cards and includes an end-to-end infrastructure to execute successful attacks. You get the “Special Card Application”, a smart card writing utility called “Daphne” and access to a database of card numbers, and complete RAW data to create “1 to 1 Copies”.

We sit in the big boys club right next to other big boys, you guys are only after starting your carding venture now and those who are already carding are not carding “long enough” to know the importance of “spending money to make money” and then you say things like “Carding is not profitable, carding is dead, carding is very difficult, it’s 2022 and carding if officially dead” so on and so… But the reality is the fact that you are a “Nob.”

Carding is constantly evolving, new trends are constantly coming while old trends are constantly being patched and that’s just the way this line of work is

It’s not like we get to announce to all the nobs “hey guys this thing is working” go hit it or “that thing is no longer working so don’t bother wasting your time” no as we said we sit in the “big boys club” our team gets onto to what’s working and don’t waste time on something that’s “dead.”


The good news is that you can still clone an “EMV based” debit or credit card regardless of its bank or brand on a “low budget” however it does requires some “brains cells” and those who are lacking brain cells will forget all the “Golden Nuggets” we have given throughout this masterpiece as soon as they get to the end of this article and they will continue to believe “EMV is not possible” and they are right for those hustlers who continue to hoard such beliefs nothing is possible.

For the rest of hustles who are here with an open mind and ready to learn this is what you do to copy EMV Chip cards

First of all, you will need the following:


The above link will open in a new window, you can also copy and paste it in your browser.

You will need an “EMV Software” and our recommendation is “X2 Smart Card All-In-One 2020” just because it’s straightforward to use without overwhelmingly complicated.


The above link will open in a new window, you can also copy and paste it in your browser.

Ok, if you cut the corner on this, your whole operation will fail. You will need the right card for this job and the card is J2A040 40K.


The above link will open in a new window, you can also copy and paste it in your browser.

JCOP Eng and JCOP Man are needed to format J2A040 40K based cards otherwise your J2A040 40K card will be useless and you will not be able to write it.


The above link will open in a new window, you can also copy and paste it in your browser.

You will need the hardware to write “EMV Dumps” data so you can use that card in any ATM regardless.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you get “MCR 200” because it has both EMV and “Magnetic” writing capabilities and it comes in a discrete packaging


The above link will open in a new window, you can also copy and paste it in your browser.

We usually sell “Dump cards with PIN” all across the world and we NEVER had a single instance of our post being intercepted simply because we use our stealth methods and “tracking” we have shipped parcels as far as Australia and as near as Utah.

If you require a “RAW Dump + PIN” you can buy the package following the above link and then let us know and we will be happy to send you the “track 2 + pin” via email instead of shipping the card.

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