in this guide today we will talk about how you can get approved for a FEMA (Federal Emergency management Agency) 2022 grant for 14,834 USD.

This disaster grant update is fresh and it is expected to be working 100% right now in 2022


Please Note: All filed applications from the starting date of FEMA Grant, only gets approval 100% though fund disbursement date is yet disclosed and requirements during this time is minimum as it is not widely known and fraud is not detected yet.

Prerequisite For Disaster Compensation:

  • Bank Drop
  • Fresh Fullz
  • Background Check
  • Socks5/VPN/RDP
  • Address of a damaged home
  • Common sense

To get started it is important to note that the compensation varies as listed below:

  • Business Assistance
  • Dwelling Home Disaster Assistance (Fire damage/Flood etc).
  • Funeral Assistance
  • Child Care Assistance

Note: It is advisable to apply under Dwelling Home Disaster (Flood/Fire damage etc.) This is the only option tested and observed to be the most approved and quick $40,000 payout each to individual affected by the disaster.


STEP 1: Connect to a good socks/RDP, if you’re using VPN ensure it’s a premium VPN and confirm your IP is not blacklisted, Next clear caches/cookies on your browser.

STEP 2: Open to Disaster compensation assistance site and read more about it here https://www.fema.gov/grants/guidance-tools/fema-go

Once you’re done reading you are going to apply for the grant, to do that click on “Apply Online” as indicated in the image above.

STEP 3: Complete Captcha as seen in the image below:

STEP 4: Next is an instruction page, click next.

Continue by clicking next and scroll to Privacy terms box

STEP 5: Tick the box to accept privacy policy and hit Next to continue.

STEP 6: Continue the process by clicking next you get to personal information entering page as shown in the image below.

Enter the information of your fullz in fields as indicated above, after that click Next.

STEP 7: Next page is the contact information (Damaged dwelling phone/current phone), here’s petty tricky, if your fullz came with a phone number that’s cool, meaning you’ll use fullz phone on damaged phone and use your phone as current phone. But if your fullz does not have phone number, here’s what you do…

Get 2 different phone numbers, use one as “Dwelling damaged phone” and the other one as “current phone number” as shown in the image below.

NOTE: Dwelling damaged phone does not necessarily have to be a valid phone number.

After filling contact information click next to continue.

STEP 8: This is the step that you must really pay attention to, your compensation approval guarantee depends on this “Damaged Dwelling address” As the name implies, you are to use an address of a damaged home closed to the address of your fullz.

If you already know the info go ahead and fill in.

If you mind going in with public information on this, you can Make a search on Google for a damaged home. This might include fire, flood, demolished home etc.

Click Next.

STEP 9: Here your Identity will automatically be verified if your info is valid and everything went in smoothly. Enter your mailing address if you’re asked (Not always).
Click Next.

STEP 10: This is the final step where you’ll be asked to put in account information. Bank name, Routing and account number. For now all banks can receive their fund.

NOTE: This Assistance/Compensation at this moment is not paying out in all the states/County, you’ll be notified during application if your county is qualified or not.


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