Get anyone’s IP address [Easy]


What you’ll need to get the victim IP:
– Internet connection
– Talk with the Anon person
– Little bit of Brain
First go to the next URL:

Then, enter a URL that you want to redirect once the “victim” click on the link. I recommend to put a Facebook photo URL, a Youtube Video URL… Think things yourself.

After that, modify the link generated by grabify to a custom link. You have A LOT of choices, like yoütübe,… Make the link credible please.

Check the “Disable bots track” option or you will have some random IP from traffic bots.

Now it’s time to talk to Anon. Start a conversation by chatting with Anon and once you are comfortable send the link generated and do some social engineering (have you seen this video of kittens? Do you remember when we went that summer to the beach and we made that cool photo? THINK THINGS).

Once he/she clicks in the link he/she will be redirected to the link you have entered in grabify, and you will have your IP in the control panel of the web page. And most importantly, Anin will not have seen anything weird in the way.

Congratulations !! Now you know the IP address of anon

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