Google Play cashout method from CC

google play

This article will explain how our customers make money on google play. I’ll say right away that this topic is complex, we need direct or indirect work with people.

And so begin with what you need:

  1. CC
  2. Android Application Developer
  3. Debit card that you register on your drop
  4. Time and patience is very important

The process:

We will create an application in google play and buy it ourselves.

Find an application developer, he’ll create you a game or application. For example, you can make a simple game with a donate or an application that sells pictures

Find a drop and register a card on it in any bank.

Buy a developer account $ 25 to $75

Download the application there and wait for the publication.

Make a purchase from any account in your application and from google will offer you to authorize payment data

Verify, a letter with a code and a link will be sent to the address of the drop where to enter it 

Next, start using the android emulator (for example NOX) to make purchases in your application

Withdraw money (withdrawal 1 month)

Do not forget that google may ask why in 80% of cases people refuse to purchase in your application and block the account. Therefore, register and verify a new account every 14th day. So that you do not have a failure in profit.

About NOX

In NOX, for each account in the configuration, select a different device. Understand there)

There you can make copies of emulators.

Before shopping, make sure that in order not to be idle do yourself 10-15 accounts 10-15 and while I have passed all 15 accounts already, it will be time to use the first one.

This is very difficult and you get tired of it, but when you realize that you are earning $ 10 per minute, it becomes easier.

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