Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Wouldn’t it be great someone had shared the info about configuring firefox and antidetection tools so you could learn the latest method of how to configure a portable firefox or anti detect browser?

One thing we’d like to mention though is that using portable device user agent strings for carding is one of the best ways to card right now.

What this means is instead of setting up a browser like a normal Windows 10 using Chrome, it is better to spoof it as an iPhone OS with Safari or an iPad on Chrome, or something similar.

More and more people nowadays are shopping from their smart devices so mimic that! Remember, the key here is to blend in and appear as if you are just a normal everyday user shopping online.


Once you have your browser spoofed, connected to your SSH or RDP, make sure that your time zone is set up correctly (very important).

A quick way to do this is to go to as they reveal a lot of information about your set up and can help you make sure that you are ready to card.

In the example below, you can see that we’re spoofing an iOS iPhone with Safari 10.0 browser.

Our IP address has NO blacklists (because we use premium SOCKS5).

Our browser’s headers match what Javascript is revealing. Our language is in US English and the IP time zone matches our operating systems time zone.

This is an ideal and perfect set up!

This is the setup for all the legit users that shop regularly and NEVER get their order flagged or card denied, period!


Now some of you hate Maxmind and look at it like a big bad wolf, it may come across one to those with lack of knowledge, as you can see we know and understand exactly how these tools functions to sketch up all the data points, thus, making a users profile.

So once you understand the logic behind you can use that against it to determine if your browser setup correctly.

Go to maxmind for one last check to make sure your IP is right according to MaxMind.


Once you’ve verified you are in the right location, move on over to your OWN eCommerce site.

We will show you examples of both here.

Here is a screenshot of our own eCommerce checkout page.

Here is the Charge Page on stripe.

And here you see we got the green check! Which is a good sign…

Here is the order that got approved coming into our own store.

And here is a view of that charge in our Stripe account.

So as you can see, the risk evaluation was normal and therefore the charge should take no more than 2 days rolling as long as there are no chargebacks or funny stuff happening with it.


Now let us show you how we charged my Unityaid. It’s just as easy as this other charge was. Just type in your campaign link and click Contribute.

Here you can enter however much you want to contribute. You don’t need to join with Facebook or add a picture.

Now put in your cardholder’s email, their location, type a message if you want and enter the CC data.

There you go easy charge!

With this type of Stripe, you have to not only pay Stripe a fee, but you are also having the crowdfunded take a percentage so that is why you see $87 there.

And the charge on our Stripe.

So there you have it! That is charging your Stripe made easy!

We hope that we’ve made a difference in your knowledge and that our article was detailed enough for you to learn and apply the knowledge you’ve gained here.

If you are looking for High-quality CC’s feel free to buy them from us here and if you are looking for a 1-to-1 mentorship then guess what? you’re in luck for that too, it will cost you a pretty penny but call that investment on yourself.


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