How to make $1k-$3k without any carding knowledge


I decided to do this tutorial because over the past few days, I’ve received messages from people who have been asking me to send them some startup capital. First of all, I have to let you guys know you need money to make money even in fraud. The only thing I can do is to teach you how to make money, I’m trying to help the community so stop stressing me by trying to guilt me into sending you money. If you need some bread, you have to work for it. I’m already doing too much by sharing these tutorials for free.

So this tutorial is targeted at those who don’t have enough capital to start carding, you can easily use these methods to make from $1000 to $3000 every few weeks or more depending on how much effort you put.

I must reiterate, if you really serious from making money from fraud, you have to know you have to spend some money on some things like cc, rdp, and many more but this particular tutorial does not need any of those things.

Carding and fraud is an art to me, this is my life, this is what I live for. I’m not your average carder, I take this serious and the way people invest time into their jobs that’s how I invest time into research and my fraud.

Let’s get down to business,

This tutorial focuses on scamming using instagram or facebook. No carding skills required and everyone can easily make some good money from this with no prior knowledge just this tutorial.

Right now I only card institutions like WU,Paypal,Venmo,CashApp etc..and do victimless scams but when I was building up my startup capital for carding payment processors, this was what gave me money and here it is.

This method is fairly simple so here it goes.

I came up with this method when I read a news online about how a couple bought a rare breed A Tibetan Mastiff for over $120,000 from an Instagram seller then I sat and thought about this and figured out with some tweaking I could really start hitting hard.

Here are the step by step guide.


Create an Instagram account for dogs or cats, example catloversden, catsarebeautiful, cutedogsofig. etc


find picture of cute dogs or cats on Google and upload to your new page daily and build the page up by following cat lovers on Instagram especially old couples. Don’t buy followers, you have to build your page by following genuine animal lovers, Your target should be to get up to a thousand or more followers in your first week.


After the first week of posting pictures of cute dogs or cats and getting your followers up to a thousand or 2. From the second week, find a picture of a cute rare and expensive cat or dog then post on your IG that it is for sell. You will get up to 5 interested persons who want to buy. You can also say the dog or cat is up for adoption and needs any home and when you get messages from many people, ask them to send you some money for transporting the cat or dog and some other money for insurance etc


Send them your paypal or bankdrop or a and tell them to pay by cash deposit or transfer into your account. Once 3-10 people pay you block them from your page and turn your page to private for a week then resume again after they move on.

I know this might be little confusing but when I was doing this I was cashing out over $5k each week and I have lots of IG accounts I’ve built up and cash out from every week. I stopped doing this because I got into bigger fraud like carding stripe,WU and venmo which are victimless crimes.

I have over 5 accounts on IG with lots of followers that I built up over the past year.They are properly aged and I haven’t used them to cashout since last year because I shifted my focus to large scale carding.

This method is really easy and no way you not going to make at least $3k before the month ends. Ask me any questions if you are confused about something.

The hard part is always building the followers on IG or getting likes.

For those that want the easy way out and don’t have the time to build up IG pages. I have 5 IG accounts that I aged last year that I stopped using because I moved to other things. I can sell this accounts to anyone interested. I do not know how much so make me an offer for any of them if you’re interested. Of course I’ll send proof I own any account I’m selling.

Once you get the logins, change the password, I’ll send you a picture of an expensive cat worth around $3,000 and you’ll make a post and say it’s for sell. You’ll get interested buyers immediately and then you use your drop or paypal to cash out some times you can get 5 people to pay for the same means more money for you.

You can also setup a new fresh IG and build it up but getting this established cats account I have would guarantee you a big cashout before the month ends.

I promise everyone, as long as you’re not lazy and willing to put in some effort, there is no way you won’T start making good money from fraud 

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