How to Open a Bank of America Account

Bank Of America

Today I want to share a guide on how to create a Bank of America Account without any stress

Required/ Tools Needed SSN Name DOB Address information. 911 or any Good VPN  Create an email matching your SSN details  Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification USA Phone Number (Google Voice)

1. First things first, Connect your 911 or any Good vpn  to your fullz state. Then check on to confirm if your IP is not exposed

2. We are going to open up bank of america account, so browse their official website :

3.Locate the Savings button at the top, Click on it, then click on Open Account

4. Enter the Zip code that came with your Fullz here and click on Go

5. Depending on the Fullz you are using you might not see this but incase you see this , select the state you have on your fullz and click on Go

6. Now click on Open Now.

7. Check the box for “Are you a Bank of America Online Banking Customer ?” and click on Go to Application

8. Click on Continue as our guest.

9. Enter your fullz information when you get to Continue as our guest.

10. Enter your Google Voice or Text Now Number, put in the email you created matching your SSN details, enter SSN number

11. At the Employment and Finances section enter like the below screenshot.

12. In here choose Deposit cash or check, Then Choose Yes under “Would you like a new ATM card ?”. And click on Continue 

13. Check the agreement box and click on Continue

14.Do the same thing by checking this agreement box and click on Continue. (They have 3 agreement terms)

15. Check last agreement box and click on Continue.

16. Confirm the details you are submitting, if everything is correct click on Submit.

17. When submitting the your information it will also make sure by also confirming from their database and your ip so make sure your IP is always intact

18. Time to create an Online ID while Boa confirms our SSN information. so click on CREATE ONLINE ID

19. Check the agreement box and click Continue.

20. Again check the agreement box and click Continue.

21. Now enter a username and password  you can remember, you can save this information somewhere.

22. You will see the below if you follow the process well

23. Now check the email you used for this account. and click on confirm ( Note you will receive 3 mails check the one that says CONFIRM EMAIL.) 

25. You can try and login  but I will prefer you wait till Boa confirms you on the account. To login just to and enter the username and password  you used in step 21

26. Again make sure the phone number you used can receive code

27. You will be sent code, enter the code when you get confirmed and you want to login on the phone number

Done !!! Now the above Bank Open up Method can be used to receive any loan you apply for, again if you get error along the way means your ip expose you can also rdp for this open up

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