Etsy Cashout method 2022 Complete Guide


What if I say, “It’s not true you can sell feet pics on Etsy”? Just kidding; never mind. Sincerely, Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell feet pics and cashout. In this article, I will show you how to sell feet pics on Etsy and increase earnings within a few months.

Etsy is a great platform to sell your feet pics. Guess what? I am an Etsy seller too. Apart from feet pics, I also sell other marketable pictures of my body.

To cash out on Etsy is relatively easy. You could be selling fake items, fake pics, and even remain anonymous. Nobody cares whether you’re real, but being real builds your reputation and attracts natural reviews.

When you feel Etsy is not giving enough money, consider other platforms like Shutterstock too. You can reach out to brands that need your feet pics directly and pitch them to buy through your Etsy account.

Meanwhile, my friend, Jane, earns about $135, selling her feet pics on Etsy daily. How does she do it? Note that I am a seller too, so how do I do it?

It is possible to sell feet pics on Etsy. When you create a seller account and have it approved, you start earning when users purchase your pics. It is not easy, nevertheless, and not impossible too. Since the feet pics market is growing steadily, you can secure a name by starting your feet pics store earlier. As a beginner, do not expect massive income Immediately; it might take some weeks for your feet’ pics to gain prominence. Make sure to grow an audience, diversify on other platforms and be consistent.


Etsy requirements are simple. Once you have them in place, you can start selling your feet pictures.

Below are Etsy feet pic selling requirements:

A Device

You can use either a personal computer or a mobile phone. I started my seller account using a mobile phone and purchased a flagship computer eventually with the profit from selling Etsy feet pictures on Etsy.

If your mobile phone is faulty, you can always use a relative or friend’s device to log into your account.

Etsy Account

An Etsy seller account is required to start selling feet pics on Etsy. Note that you are responsible for the security of your account. If you’ve never used Etsy, learn the security measures to put in place for the safety of your account. Suppose an unauthorized user accesses your account; you might lose outstanding funds. How? They change your payment details and move your funds to an unknown mobile wallet.

Bank Account/Mobile Wallet

Etsy supports various mobile wallets and direct payments to a bank account.

I prefer direct deposits, though, because mobile wallets charge commissions. Banks charge too, but when you move funds from Etsy to mobile wallet and bank account, more taxes and commissions.


A decent camera with fine-tuned lenses is enough. You can purchase an affordable camera from a store closer to you. I started with a $100 CEDITA digital camera on Amazon.

If you have sufficient funds, you can purchase a better camera. Nevertheless, your smartphone camera can do the job without finesse, except you’re a professional cameraperson.

Good Images

A stunning image is the product of an excellent digital camera.

I prefer 2000 x 3000 dimensions for better resolution, depending on the image length and width.

A good image must be stylish too if you must attract buyers.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Etsy

In this section, you will discover how I sell my feet pics on Etsy for money.

Below are the steps to sell feet pics on Etsy

Open an Etsy Account

The first step to get started is opening an Etsy seller account. Before then, decide whether to be anonymous or use personal information. I started with real info because I needed to be me.

Some sellers are fake. When buyers request various styles, they repeat the same images because they can’t create new ones. If you’re male, you can use the feet pics of anyone you know. Consent with the person and pay for it.

Submit Your Account and Set Up Payment Method

Your next step to sell feet pictures on Etsy is to submit your account for approval. If Etsy is cool with it, they will approve it.

Finally, set up the payment details of your bank account or mobile wallet such as PayPal.

Decide Your Concepts and Pricing

After account approval, set your image prices. Endeavor to keep the price low to attract buyers. My first pricing was $1 only. Eventually, I increased to $3 and so on.

Note that Etsy takes some commission when you sell your feet pics.

I have included the commission towards the earn of this article. Kindly read on!

Take Pics and Upload

Your next step is the feet pictures to upload. Feet pics are your selling point, so make sure to list elegant pics and optimize them using Etsy hashtags.

Schedule your publication times, too, to avoid confusing yourself. I prefer 2-3 uploads per two weeks. You don’t have to litter your feet pics because you’re already an Etsy celebrity.

Remember to add a watermark on each picture to discourage theft and make your market professional. When buyers purchase your feet pics, do not send photos with the watermark. Note that the buyer also reserves the right to use your image l feet pictures personally.

People buy your feet pics for brand marketing, fetish, etc.

Diversify Platforms

Create seller accounts on other platforms to boost profit because you can’t depend on Etsy alone. It is like filling all eggs in one basket.

You can channel energy on platforms like Instafeet and Feetify to sell feet pics and earn money.

How much can you make selling feet pics on Etsy?

You can make $100 seeking feet pics on Etsy daily. However, the quality of your pictures and time in the business can factor in your earnings. The profit margin is cool, but you must be determined and consistent. As a beginner, you can make between $5-$10 daily.

Tips to Make $500 Selling Feet Pics on Etsy

Apart from setting up and publishing feet pics, integral aspects of making money are the next thing to observe.

Below are tips to make your first $500 selling feet pics on Etsy:

Create Multiple Accounts

You can dominate Etsy with multiple accounts. Each account can use different identities. The accounts with multiple identities can be feet pics you buy from people. It can be your relatives, friends, and even strangers.

Having many Etsy accounts doesn’t guarantee immediate sales, but when you build trust and conquer the market, you earn from every account comfortably. While managing Etsy, sell feet pictures on Instagram too.

I run ads to my Etsy profile on various social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Copy the link to your, create simple content on it and publish it for your ad campaign.

Make sure to promise electrifying feet pics to get people to buy from you on Etsy. Moreover, make sure not to transact outside Etsy to avoid getting scammed.

Make Your Feet Feminine

People love feminine feet pics. Do masculine feet pics sell? Yes, but not as much as feminine feet pics.

You can use flowers on your feet while taking pictures. Make sure the scenery is clear and clean, and do not use dark scenery except a buyer demands.

Keep Your Pricing Low

Low prices attract buyers faster. When people visit your profile, they are interested in pricing first before considering your feet’ beauty.

I also noticed that low-cost feet pics attract buyers.

Use Tags

I never miss tags. Tags help to optimize your Etsy feet pics store when buyers search for them.

Your listing can appear at the top without tags, but it is not a guarantee! allows 13 tags; use all tags to optimize your feet pics listing.

Pick Photos Category

Don’t forget to categorize your Etsy store as feet pics. Go to “Shop Manager”, click Listings, click Manage to add a section, click Add Section, and label the section. Hit Save, and you’re done!

Now, when people search feet pics, they find your pictures under related terms instead of under unrelated categories like Electronics, Phones, etc. You’re smiling, aren’t you?

Attract Positive Reviews

You can begin selling feet pics faster on Etsy using the “black hat” technique. How? Create at least 2 buyer accounts, purchase your feet pics, and drop positive reviews.

You can write stuff like:

Excellent! I ordered 3 feet pics, but she gave me more. I loved the styles, honestly.

How much does Etsy charge to sell feet pics?

Etsy charges $0.20 for each feet pic you list. When you sell a feet pic, there will be a 5% transaction fee. If you accept Etsy payments directly, you’ll be charged 3% plus a $0.25 payment processing fee after the feet pic is sold.


Ultimately, selling feet pics on Etsy is LEGAL. However, if your country bans Etsy, it becomes illegal.

What now? Sit back? Sign up on Etsy and start selling feet pics?

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