Today we have bought you a very special latest SBA method that we will lay out step by step for FREE, this method will help you achieve nothing but results, yes and those results will speak for themselves. .

We find it useful to represent you with guides for FREE in our articles and when they stop working we can always update the article with the new updated piece of information, so without further ado let’s start.

1. Go to

2. Click on “Applicant is an individual who operates under a sole proprietorship, with or without employees, or as an independent contractor.”

3. you will see “Review and Check All of the following:

4. Check “All the Boxes” in that

5. For the Business and Trade Name, Put the First and Last Name of the social security number info you using

6. Put the social security number info of the client there, and choose Sole Proprietorship. If asked about Non-Profit Organization choose “NO”

7. For the Gross Revenue put any amount above $150,000

8. For the cost of goods, write anything Above $50k

9. For the rental properties, write anything below $35k

10. From the Non-Profit to the Compensation Sources, you can leave those boxes empty

11. When they ask for a Business address, Put the Address of the Ssn information you are using there

12. You can use any phone Number there, but you must create a new email either using Gmail or Hotmail and put it there as the Business Email ??

13. With the Business Activity, Choose anything related to Sales or business information or Retail

14. Now this is the MOST IMPORTANT, when they ask for employees, put in any number between 10 and 17, this will make you eligible for a higher amount

15. At this page, Choose NO

16. Write the same information on the social security number info you are using, with Ownership percentage, write 100 and you can choose either Owner or CEO as title

17. Choose NO for all the questions on this page

18. Leave this whole page blank

19. This is where you will write the account info of the account you want to recieve the money into, you can use a prepaid card or a bank account .. But NOTE?? : Make sure the name on the application is the same as the name on the account to receive the money or else they won’t approve nor pay ??

20. Now on the Last Page (Summary)

21. Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business information U filled

22. Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business Owners information U filled

23. Complete this Captcha

24. Application has now been submitted!

25. You will have to check your email within 24-48hrs for the approval email, then you will be asked to review the amount to receive

26. Now After 24hrs you will receive an email telling you that your SBA application is ready for the next step and you are to “CREATE ACCOUNT”

27. Click on Create Account and you will be opened to a new page

28. Now on this page, you will be asked to review the Loan amount, and then Continue to “Verify the identity.”

29. You will be asked 4 background questions, this is where you will need background website like truthfinder, familytree and lendingtree and many others. You need to get at least 3 out of 4 questions correct

30. Now if u get 3/4 or all the questions correct, this the next page which will come up

31. If this comes up, it means u didn’t get the right answers, when this comes up, don’t bother yourself .. it won’t work again no matter what you do, it the end for you

32. Your Application is now being processed, it doesn’t mean it’s done tho, they processing it cos u have finished verification.

Verification = Complete
Electronic disbursement = Complete

• Now with the SBA verify identity, the trick is that they ask the same kind of questions so before you start an application make sure you know the answers to the following.

a) The car type: Mostly if you don’t know the answer for this type of question, the answer is mostly None of the above unless you don’t get lucky

b) The date of birth: This question is the easiest to get the answer to because every social security number info comes with a Date of birth.

c) The associated addresses or states:

d) Associated names or relatives: Now with the associated address and associated relatives, you can easily get them from background sites like truthfinder or familytree or People Finder a TLO plug.

33. After 2-3 days, they will send another email, however, what you must know is that many people are filing for this SBA so sometimes it takes longer for them to respond to you.

34. Once all the information u input Checks our, you will be approved.

Now previously we told you guys that the Name on the social security number information should be the same as the name on the account receiving the money or else they won’t pay the SBA loan

1. Now after you are done with the first stage of filing the SBA, you will receive this email after 2/3 days and they will ask you to signup

2. Once you create an account, This is where you can Edit the amount of money you are eligible for, so depending on the limit of the account or prepaid card you got, click here to change the amount.

3. So you can write any amount depending on how much you want them to send you, they don’t send in parts, the amount you write here is what will be sent to you all at once.

4. So if your account limit is $20k, then u write $20k there and then continue

5. Just because you have been asked to process your loan doesn’t mean you will be approved automatically

6. Amount has been confirmed, now next stage

7. With the Electronic Disbursements, you can review the account you want the payment to be sent to, you can change the account there or keep it like that, this will be your last chance to make these changes

8. Once you confirm the receiving account, it will be marked completed

9. Next stage will be the verification stage

10. As usual, you will be asked a question about your date of birth, your associated address, and associated relatives

11. If you get more than one question wrong, your identity won’t be able to be verified, if you get this, then you are not getting paid, forget it,

12. Even if you click Submit and it shows Completed, it doesn’t mean they have verified you, you still won’t get paid.

13. If you are able to answer all the questions correctly, this is what supposed to show if you get approved, you will receive an email.

14. If your client has an account with a high limit, You can decide to allow the high amount to be paid.


1. The IP you used to do the first loan application, should be the same IP you use for the second application and it advisable to get the same state IP as the fullz you using.

2. If you started with a phone, finish the job with a phone, if you started with a PC, finish the entire application with a PC even after the emails.

3. Make sure the credit score of the social security number you used is high and not low; this is a loan so they don’t pay to just anyone whom they feel can’t payback.

4. The probability of them paying the money is higher if the name on the loan application is the same as the bank receiving the money.

5. However if you can’t send the money to an account with the same name on your Social security number, or you don’t have the account attached to the Social security number then you can try this below

a• Use the Social security number or fullz info to create a Paypal account


1. You can use the PayPal App or go to the browser and you can use any good IP or VPN for this job. Click on “SIGNUP.”

2. Put only the USA phone number there.

3. If the Number you put there is an app number or not a real number, they will tell you. (You

can ask a friend for a number or tell anyone that u doing something with a number, code needed just once)

4. A code will be sent to the number attached

5. After that, Put the Name on the social security number fullz you have here, the email you will write here will be the PayPal email

6. So this was the name on my fullz info and I used my email which isn’t attached to any Paypal You don’t need to wait for any PayPal card, it not needed for anything

7. Input the social security number address info here, type the address, and don’t copy-paste

8. Account is now created

9. When they ask you to link your credit card to its bank account, just sign out or close the app or close the browser.

10. Your account finally opens when you enter the logins in a browser Now this PayPal doesn’t have Direct Deposit features so you have to follow some little tricks which we will teach you guys for FREE. First login the PayPal login on a browser

11. To activate the Direct Deposit Feature, Click or copy/paste this link below in your browser:

12. Click on ‘Get the Card’

13. Click on “Request Your Card”

14. Your name and address will show, make sure its good

15. Write the Date of Birth and Last 4 SSN of the info you got

16. After you clicked on Agree, the Cash Card will be created for you Incase you still asking about this card, by the time it sent, u would have finished with the job u doing and won’t even need a card to withdraw, besides you can change the PayPal info on the SBA to your own account after u pass the first stage.

17. Your account will now have a CashCard account inside the PayPal

18. To see the Direct Deposit info on the account

19. Click on settings

20. Click on “Get your Direct Deposit info”

21. Your Direct Deposit info will be shown with the name same as your social security number info, PayPal uses WellsFargo routine number so you can write the name of the bank as Wellsfargo instead of PayPal.

So that’s it guys now you know the latest SBA loan process step-by-step, you can get all your tools that are needed on this site.

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