Payoneer CC Cashout Method


Payoneer is a big cashout wallet. So, in this tutorial, you will learn how to cashout CC with Payoneer.

Is it easy to cashout Payoneer? Unlike PayPal, Payoneer is not strict when handling transactions. Plus, they support many countries, and you could be fortunate your country is supported.

Payoneer supports many carding methods, but in this guide, we use You can also use betting sites that allow Payoneer mobile wallet transfer. When you win the bet, you are supposed to move funds to your crypto wallet or bank drop.

Let’s find out how to cashout CC with Payoneer fast!

Currently, Payoneer processes over $500 million a year. Over 10% of the total transactions on Payoneer is carding, and Payoneer can’t do anything about it.

Following reported estimates, Payoneer should hit one billion transactions yearly. Carders should cover about 15% of funds moved to bank accounts, e-commerce sites, or crypto wallets. What are you waiting for? If PayPal carding, Amazon carding, Zelle carding, and cashout do not work for you, Payoneer will.

Note that the Payoneer spending limit is $5,000 daily. So, you can’t load more than $5,000 per day. It is not advisable to move over $5,000 in a day, except you are smarter than every carder.

Moreover, Payoneer standard charges are $2 to $4 or 1% of the transaction amount in EUR or USD, but they won’t charge more than $10. The fee is their commission for allowing you card on their platform without getting caught.

Carding/Cashout Requirements

What are the tools or requirements needed to card and cashout Payoneer? Below are the requirements for cashing out CC with Payoneer:


OpSec (Operational Security) is important to remain anonymous on the internet. You can choose between a carding VPN, Socks 4 or 5, etc. You also need an incognito browser. Chrome has incognito, but it is not recommended. You may use Firefox instead or download a pure incognito browser online.

The job of the incognito browser is to erase cookies and cache whenever you exit the browser. A typical incognito browser is also considered a carding browser.

2Checkout Account

2Checkout allows you to process the payment you will initiate with the CC. There are other options, but I just want to experiment with 2Checkout because of some features in their payment processing services.

let me explain further. When you card CC with any mobile wallet on a website, it is a payment processing service running in the backend of the site that allows you to card.

In this guide, however, I am showing you how to own a personal e-commerce site to use for carding CC with Payoneer mobile wallet without using third-party sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc.

By the way, this CC cashout with Payoneer tutorial is similar to the Shopify carding and cashout method.


Create a Payoneer account that matches the CC details. For example, if the CC is the US CC, you will create a Payoneer account as a US resident using a VPN if you do not reside in the US.

Next, make sure details, including name, city, country, and email address, match the CC information. You can’t use the same email address because email services allow one address. However, you can create a similar email.

Suppose the email address the CC vendor sent with the CC is; you will create The difference is the letter ‘S’.

Domain and Hosting

The next requirement is the domain and hosting. You can purchase a domain and host from different sellers but I recommend using one company for all.

I am experimenting with Namecheap in this CC cashout with Payoneer guide. If you experienced other companies like Bluehost, 000webhost, etc., use them too.

Fake Product Listings

You can list any product, whether you have it or not. The idea behind Payoneer carding and cashout is to move funds using any payment processing service and not to sell.

If you want yours to appear like e-commerce completely, photograph your clothes and publish them.

BTC Wallet

Get a BTC or any Cryptocurrency wallet to move payments from Payoneer to it. You can’t move the Payoneer payment to a personal bank account to avoid being tracked.

How to Cashout with CC

In this section, you will learn every step to move CC funds with Payoneer after creating a personal eCommerce website.

Note: As I mentioned earlier, you can use any web host apart from Namecheap. I use because I understand their services. Also, you can use any payment processing service apart from

Below are the steps to cashout CC with Payoneer:

Open/Verify Account

Go to and create an account. You will also verify the account using the CC information. Do not forget to use a VPN that matches the CC location when opening the Payoneer account.

If possible, get the ID of the CC owner (not possible, though). Go online, download an ID that matches your CC location, and use it to verify the Payoneer account.

If the CC is the US CC, download the US ID; it can be a driver’s license, national ID, etc.

Open 2Checkout Account

Next, visit and create a merchant account. Use the information you used to create your Payoneer account, but it is not necessary.

After setting up the 2Checkout account, select Payoneer as your payment option. You can set up 2Checkout without a VPN, but your VPN remaining active is OK to hide your identity online.

Create a Namecheap Account

Go to, create an account and purchase a domain name and hosting. I recommend Namecheap Stellar hosting plan; it is the cheapest, and it costs about $2. A domain name costs $11, depending on the name. Some cost $10,000 too. Select a cheap .com or .net TLD to get started.

When purchasing hosting and domain on Namecheap, they give free SSL. You can ask the customer help service to run the SSL setup from their end. But they will not set your site as an e-commerce site; you can contact a web developer or follow a YouTube tutorial on how to set up a simple e-commerce site on WordPress.

Install WordPress

After purchasing hosting and domain name, go to your cPanel and install WordPress. Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and set up the blog however way you like it. But it should look like an eCommerce site.

Connect 2Checkout

Return to 2Checkout and follow the procedures to connect your website to 2Checkout.

You can search “how to connect WordPress to 2Checkout” online. Follow the guide to set it up for CC carding with Payoneer.

Card Your Products

To be certain you did the right thing, get a personal credit card and purchase your fake product on the site. If the payment is charged and processed correctly, you are good to go.

The payment should enter the Payoneer account you use for the fake purchase processed by 2Checkout.

Since the carding is successful with your credit card, you can begin carding CC.

Cashout Payoneer

After carding with CC, payment is sent to Payoneer through 2Checkout. You can then exchange Payoneer to Bitcoin using any BTC exchange website. Search a BTC exchange site online because I won’t recommend any in this article. However, make sure the site is trusted. We have many of them out there.

If you do not want to use BTC, use a bank drop. You can learn how to create a bank drop and also how to maintain a bank drop account.

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