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$2500 Paypal Transfer

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+ We are offering PayPal Fresh transfers.
+ We dont use Hacked accounts , only HQ CC
+ We are able to send your money to any countries.
+ You will get your money within 12 – 72 hours after order ( depends on quantity of orders )
+ You just need to send your Paypal email address!
+ Replacement in case of our Fault
+ Discounts for regular customers
+ Our support can answer to all you question.
+ Fast and Easy 🙂
+ A lot of Presents !

What is important?

– Your account should be aged and with transaction history.

Can i get Chargebacks ?

– There is probability that you might  get chargeback, so you have to try to withdraw your money in several days !

Our policy !
1. We dont refund if you get limitation on your account .
Read some guides how to do transfers! ( You can ask me )
2. Dont buy if you dont know how to work with this money !
3 No replacement for chargeback after 48 Hours !
4. No disputes at all , write to our support !
5. No refund at all, replace only

* Replacement policy:
1. Video proof on reversed funds on Sendspace . com of:
1) loging in using the email on your order
2) click on the disputed transaction
3) Show us more details on the held funds (press “show details on the classic website”)
4) Logout.

87 reviews for $2500 Paypal Transfer

  1. tommy

    Thank you!

  2. carnal

    Third time shopping with em.

  3. ross

    top and fast

  4. esther

    can absolutely recommend this vendor here!!

  5. shyne

    Thanks for your quick reply and solving the issue

  6. V6

    keep it up. Thanks

  7. flash

    no bad issue at all.flawless

  8. myth

    best vendor. Always very fast

  9. owl

    thank you friend 😀

  10. stagpaty

    overall 9/10

  11. ben

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks;)

  12. billy

    Legit ! Thanks! Will B Back For More!

  13. lamar

    shop magnifique

  14. sanchez

    Fast order with valid bins! great purchase

  15. putong

    showing me this way of making dollars on demand THANNKSSSSSSSSSSSS

  16. mom

    Overall satisfied – thanks

  17. pirate

    Probably will purchase again, you pay for what you get.

  18. neto


  19. shanny

    Everything is here

  20. shivar

    will order soon and update

  21. Plus

    Alles echt gut!! Danke!!

  22. reid

    Great! Thank you will be back!

  23. upon

    most trustworthy vendor I’ve found.

  24. baseo

    yo the site isnt working..fix it.. iwant to make order

  25. aggrey

    Thanks. Fast delivery

  26. baby bash

    Hella fast n convenient

  27. bowl


  28. salvar

    Overall, it was a good business

  29. vegan

    always love to buy from this guys

  30. mobious

    Super helpful, fast and won’t scam you

  31. yodig

    Super cool

  32. angelo

    Will be back pretty soon.

  33. rocky

    arrived in 3 hrs. recommended

  34. keliz

    Easy & Quick Service. Thank You

  35. LJ

    I would do business again. Thank you.

  36. trick

    lovely ! Much Love

  37. ingris

    honestly such an amazing vendor. Highly recommended!

  38. fishy

    WOW. Got a new customer here pal!!!!

  39. fuzy

    First time using and I’m hooked!

  40. lemak

    Money fucking time bitches

  41. legnum

    Good job man! Very friendly

  42. muff

    Still a legend

  43. nehaar

    On point./

  44. bharti


  45. washington

    top top vendor cheers

  46. sadin

    Will be back again.

  47. superfly


  48. joy

    Highly recommend this Vendor, excellent customer service.

  49. keshy

    Vendor is reliable and fast as always.

  50. pooch

    Best thing ever!

  51. commisioner


  52. katier

    Much appreciated.

  53. dorado


  54. dido

    Top as always thanks

  55. cutney

    Exactly what I paid for. Good deal,

  56. redi

    nice 🙂

  57. kyjo

    Perfect transaction. My favourite vendor for sure.

  58. sadine

    highly recommend

  59. newton

    Amazing as always.

  60. dash

    very good

  61. truforce

    A++ Top Notch Vendor

  62. passenger

    worked awesome thank you

  63. malkest

    worked like a charm. You have a repeat customer in me

  64. tyrel

    would recommend

  65. verdi

    Will be back!

  66. dj boat

    5 star service

  67. rotimi

    will be back for more

  68. daren


  69. matini

    well delivered

  70. marina

    these guys are the greatest. cheers fellas A++ as always

  71. mantrell

    came in fast and works perfectly, thankyou

  72. superdad


  73. gareth


  74. ahmed

    vendor replied fast,

  75. dre

    Always always the best vendof still thank you!

  76. kreko

    WOW,, great vendor, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. dany

    Did the job

  78. parody

    Always a pleasure, and always happy

  79. clarikon

    top vendor

  80. kobe

    Looking forward to trying it.

  81. kethy

    great vendor and helpful as always. will be back for sure. thanks buddy!

  82. terry

    Great as always, thank you.

  83. breast

    thanks very easy !!!

  84. julia

    will be back

  85. loko

    TOP Vendor. I will come!

  86. gomez

    had issue with order not being sent but vendor responded promptly and i received cash in my paypal

  87. chikky

    Been buying from them since Dream Market was still around.

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