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$3000 Paypal Transfer

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+ We are offering PayPal Fresh transfers.
+ We dont use Hacked accounts , only HQ CC
+ We are able to send your money to any countries.
+ You will get your money within 12 – 72 hours after order ( depends on quantity of orders )
+ You just need to send your Paypal email address!
+ Replacement in case of our Fault
+ Discounts for regular customers
+ Our support can answer to all you question.
+ Fast and Easy 🙂
+ A lot of Presents !

What is important?

– Your account should be aged and with transaction history.

Can i get Chargebacks ?

– There is probability that you might  get chargeback, so you have to try to withdraw your money in several days !

Our policy !
1. We dont refund if you get limitation on your account .
Read some guides how to do transfers! ( You can ask me )
2. Dont buy if you dont know how to work with this money !
3 No replacement for chargeback after 48 Hours !
4. No disputes at all , write to our support !
5. No refund at all, replace only

* Replacement policy:
1. Video proof on reversed funds on Sendspace . com of:
1) loging in using the email on your order
2) click on the disputed transaction
3) Show us more details on the held funds (press “show details on the classic website”)
4) Logout.

74 reviews for $3000 Paypal Transfer

  1. cookieman

    thanks came fast

  2. aron

    funds received . Price too high but that they’re legit, but I can’t complain. 🙂

  3. adida

    Be patience guys. comt never fails.

  4. makarios

    found new seller

  5. sanjay


  6. klause


  7. max white

    second order

  8. lesley

    First time, I tried it did not work. He sent me replacements which did work! Legit Vendor!

  9. santel

    i have left feedback on past orders.

  10. yahya

    gotta get more

  11. joey


  12. skeed

    This site has been a nightmare to get on lately

  13. karlos

    Worth the purchase 100%

  14. general

    All good man!

  15. magic

    goood man

  16. magoo

    I’ll test it right away.Thx

  17. lika

    good guy

  18. cranium

    fast delivery

  19. persian

    can 3 month old account hold this amount??

  20. Reeves

    Perfect! Excellent vendor.

  21. Allison


  22. kellis

    2 thumbs up

  23. thinger


  24. loso

    Good trade

  25. JF

    just fine

  26. tevez

    Great !

  27. GVT

    I guess it will work.

  28. morata

    Exceptional work. Thank You!

  29. buthist

    thumbs up.

  30. luniz

    Great vendor, highly recommended!

  31. Beez


  32. kashflow

    Quick turn around.

  33. Farmy

    very reliable vendor

  34. okesh


  35. dan olu

    Best vendor going, say it time and time again. Honest, professional, friendly

  36. wax

    Super Shop!

  37. eddy

    Perfect A***

  38. peachy

    everything top.

  39. kolret

    thanks brother

  40. Wajid

    BIG respect to this guy..

  41. Valentino rossi

    Racks $$$$$$

  42. sulivan

    did it

  43. OZ

    Great as usual. Best people to order from.

  44. lisa

    Perfect thanks.

  45. tobias

    very well done, perfect

  46. chikita

    this guys just top notch.

  47. cruiz

    Always use this vendor for all my stuff

  48. malik

    Only vendor I trust enough

  49. mason

    5 stars

  50. sasha

    Great service.

  51. propat

    trusted vendor

  52. jek


  53. wizzy

    Great seller. Honest and Upfront! Will be back!

  54. james 1

    I would say to anyone support these. They are really the best. lol. Money finna be made. Best vendor. I vouch. Sorry for the late response bro was offline and shit.

  55. popa


  56. general


  57. sadik

    speedy delivery

  58. caravan

    Exactly as listed

  59. lafem

    Good deal

  60. rixc

    thanx i needed that!

  61. danson

    always working

  62. marlow

    great service!

  63. leda


  64. B.Ten

    Everything checks out. This is great!

  65. Love EL

    Thank you. I really need the help.

  66. donel

    Always trust comt to come through with the transfers

  67. walker t

    thanks guys

  68. grenga

    very quick delivery will be back

  69. jasper

    thanks for the product, feel free to throw any bonus goodies my way

  70. tiffy

    great buy

  71. mikael

    Speedy delivery/Respond time. Recieved as advertised. 100% Will buy again.

  72. reinad


  73. majix

    Legit vendor! Thank you

  74. marylin

    The Best OF THE BEST

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