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$500 Paypal Transfer

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+ We are offering PayPal Fresh transfers.
+ We dont use Hacked accounts , only HQ CC
+ We are able to send your money to any countries.
+ You will get your money within 12 – 72 hours after order ( depends on quantity of orders )
+ You just need to send your Paypal email address!
+ Replacement in case of our Fault
+ Discounts for regular customers
+ Our support can answer to all you question.
+ Fast and Easy πŸ™‚
+ A lot of Presents !

What is important?

– Your account should be aged and with transaction history.

Can i get Chargebacks ?

– There is probability that you mightΒ  get chargeback, so you have to try to withdraw your money in several days !

Our policy !
1. We dont refund if you get limitation on your account .
Read some guides how to do transfers! ( You can ask me )
2. Dont buy if you dont know how to work with this money !
3 No replacement for chargeback after 48 Hours !
4. No disputes at all , write to our support !
5. No refund at all, replace only

* Replacement policy:
1. Video proof on reversed funds on Sendspace . com of:
1) loging in using the email on your order
2) click on the disputed transaction
3) Show us more details on the held funds (press “show details on the classic website”)
4) Logout.

378 reviews for $500 Paypal Transfer

  1. storm

    would buy again.

  2. ketamine


  3. placenta

    always a pleasure working with u

  4. bluberry

    It’s evident that this is an experienced vendor, very responsive and professional.

  5. greenbook

    its a 3 outta 5 but with look, delivery speed, and price the man deserves a 5 star rating.

  6. Odi


  7. george

    good response from vendor!

  8. idris

    hello thank u very much for doing everything in ur power to get me my paypal transfer.. i will be bak trusted seller

  9. salome

    Vendor pulled through..Communicated with me the entire way. Respectful and professional. You got yourself a regular

  10. pere

    good service and cooperativeness; I’ll be back πŸ™‚

  11. oneil

    Good shit my dude

  12. WALE


  13. blanko

    Some serious vendor

  14. bisrmakie

    Vendor was very helpful and provided helpful information before i made my order. Thank you!!

  15. shorty

    Success ….

  16. ill nana

    You’re a PRO

  17. fugee

    arrived fast but could not login to reorder

  18. babychriz

    good vendor

  19. artist

    Will be back for more!

  20. Lioness

    First time buying from this vendor, received transfer

  21. coldstone

    had small issues but seller did give me compensation and good service.

  22. cotton mouth

    great thank you love th bonuses

  23. mokake

    Top notch, Thanks mate.

  24. Pro

    Look legit. Very intrested to dig in

  25. Gza

    there is money to be made here

  26. remio

    after recieving the funds ..my account got limited

  27. cenero


  28. noriega

    going to give 5/5

  29. telisa

    Five star earned.

  30. k leta

    they seem to be legit. Will buy again.

  31. bob marley

    Good vendor. I’ll be back

  32. Zulu

    Cheers for that, will be back for more soon! πŸ™‚

  33. Fetish

    They live up to their name.

  34. davos

    5/5 STAR Vendor. Man of his word. Smooth transaction like a hot knife through butter. WIll be back for sure

  35. thief

    very kind and help full, takes his time but worth the wait!

  36. amor

    Guaranteed money

  37. berry

    one of your most loyal customers..

  38. sap

    will defo use again

  39. trench

    Super responsive!!!!!!

  40. heaven

    I’m definitely excited

  41. kiss dan

    Great vendor, highly recommend. You will get your money’s worth.

  42. mansion

    his is the real deal without a doubt

  43. bimbo

    The Best out…

  44. fetty wap

    works well, you know what this means.

  45. giant

    1/1 with this guy. So far so good!

  46. ramsey

    Hell ya thank u my friend!! Solid just wut i orderd!! A1

  47. shanky

    10/10!! Absolutely INSANE

  48. flipper

    Exactly as described

  49. marcus

    always comes through

  50. birdman

    Always A Pleasure

  51. vic

    Looks promising but i could use a little bit of help

  52. skipper

    top top top !

  53. common man

    sweet deal thanks

  54. granz

    Exceeded expectations. Thanks Y’all

  55. bravin

    This guy is the shit!

  56. rebel

    The best πŸ™‚

  57. dully

    Thank you for being the only vendor of 4 that hasn’t burned me this past 2 weeks

  58. amber

    Exactly as promised!

  59. olive

    Arrived quickly, but with all the market phishing-mirrors I was not able to review immediately. My bad!!!! Thanks again!!

  60. danny

    Very good deal

  61. libre

    Great! Will come back

  62. ellen

    good I will definitely be a regular customer!

  63. roberto

    happy new year

  64. yellowman

    Second time buying from this seller, he is the best on the market hands down. Thanks bro.

  65. pete

    a+++++ as always

  66. dizo

    Easy Peazy

  67. drue

    awesome seller and quick response

  68. bamby

    Good job

  69. TP

    Everything is in place, order is complete and transfer is nicely done. Hope to be back for more.

  70. boogie man

    will be back 4 sure

  71. Chente

    Got it,

  72. drake

    so far so good

  73. Kelogg

    did his best to get me the transfer on time despite the long delays.. enuf respect dog..

  74. bengal

    is helping me a lot with issues I have… very responsive

  75. cage


  76. jacob

    Thanks. just as good as i remember

  77. strom

    First Review. Yippee! Order in confidence

  78. graham


  79. yowan

    Can’t wait to try it!

  80. cage

    3rd time order

  81. anonymous

    delayed abit but delivered to my account $510.30…Thaaaaaaaank u

  82. Chiwan

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  83. debby

    Greatness all around

  84. furry


  85. Ian


  86. drifter

    received order

  87. anold

    will be back

  88. gamer

    yet to try

  89. Jax

    Always perfect. comt is my go to, I buy every week.

  90. Reza

    Thank you so much i will definitely be back..you motherfucking legend 😎

  91. markel


  92. weezy

    Surprising value for money! Great order, very happy!

  93. boo

    A++++++ Seller!!

  94. shark

    Great vendor was very helpful

  95. Lomu


  96. oliver

    I was just messing around here and now am very happy man πŸ™‚

  97. Beena


  98. wilder

    Nice one, going to come back!

  99. fuss

    Thanks good business.. what bout my bonus

  100. arrior

    cheers bro

  101. cruz


  102. Amus

    this guy is just the fucking best

  103. kent

    100% Legit

  104. trojan


  105. rekon

    worked, will come back

  106. steller

    Amazing!!! my original order had a small issue no problem because it was replaced.

  107. lupe

    better than the rest for sure

  108. sinbad

    5* cheers bro

  109. tudo

    go to man for pp transfers!!!!!!never let me down

  110. reno

    I enjoyed the services

  111. birdman

    Delivered on time and was very professional

  112. klop

    This Vendor is the real deal. They really earned their 5 stars on this one.

  113. 1st love

    Thx good Service

  114. jenny

    Great !! Thank you very much !

  115. brown

    Very Good trade. 100% Trust Vendor. Very Very Good

  116. stallion

    cheers bro nice a++++++

  117. versus

    Great communication.

  118. china

    πŸ™‚ thank you comt, will be back.

  119. ashton

    i would highly recommend him bought before from him and i will defenetly buy again

  120. latex

    Thank you!

  121. papa pig

    Got Exactly what I ordered and needed. Very good vendor.

  122. spaski

    faster than expected

  123. vera

    good vendor

  124. jesse

    Thanks I can⅛t wait

  125. Ramos

    absolutely awesome

  126. spiderboy

    100%. fast and good!

  127. manyana

    Good deal

  128. naomi

    Amazing service. My first order everything perfect. Thank you so much. I will do it again soon!!!

  129. made men

    Arrived within 4 hours. As usual. Top Vendor.

  130. orger

    A++ 1 of a kind Seller! 5 Stars*****

  131. Amber R

    Thank you…
    keep up the good work! Recomended_Great Vendor?
    Rated **** liked^

  132. jack

    100% Vouch

  133. jim

    waiting on a response to a question.

  134. klum

    Top vendor

  135. xcali

    fast enough and working

  136. bistro

    A1 like the steak sauce right on my dude.

  137. demsy

    Great service

  138. xtacy

    everything as described, thank you

  139. samz

    Everything is great!

  140. whistler

    sorry for any delays

  141. benha

    gave me wht was adertised . thanks

  142. ringo

    Prompt response

  143. jeff

    great service as always. Many thanks!

  144. derrick

    will be ordering again from you. Thanks!

  145. jake


  146. heather

    pleasure to deal with!

  147. tonto

    highly reccommend this vendor,

  148. quincy

    SUPER SELLER. Thank you

  149. chalie

    Thank you very much you now have a customer for life.

  150. daton

    I’ve ordered from this seller multiple times and it’s been a great experience each time. I will order again with no hesitation.

  151. hugo

    super fast, always reliable, im so thankful. best vendor

  152. seth

    nice no complaints

  153. bayo

    well worth the money, great service will be ordering again

  154. oled

    Fast response and working.. thanks!

  155. sochi

    absolutely fantastic services, nice guys. . Thanks again.

  156. suve

    Trusted vendor keep it up gud job

  157. lisa

    good business in my book

  158. monon

    GREAT customer service

  159. lisa

    5 Star service all day every time. Up at 1 am? He’s the man. Just contact him wont be disappointed promise!!

  160. pasy

    Received . Thanks.

  161. darkweb

    A+++ great business!!

  162. nuthead

    Amazing service, thank you. Will be back for more

  163. archilis

    the reel deal

  164. bangbros

    I highly recommend $$$$$$$$$

  165. richboy

    got my order in less than a day after being confirmed.

  166. gregory

    3rd time doing business, never lets me down,

  167. butller

    Quick & reliable vendor. thanks

  168. nigrel


  169. linton

    A+++ vendor, had exactly what i needed

  170. smogy

    exellent will reorder soon!!

  171. tonic

    well received, I give U 6 gold stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. allisons


  173. muphy

    Order was here before I could blink

  174. HB

    exellent service from a top vendor.

  175. sadam

    Vendor was very helpful, their service went above and beyond.

  176. beth

    At the moment everything is working good. Good Vendor!

  177. richard

    Best at this! I will Always be back to re’up

  178. jeremy golden


  179. sanders

    Hands down, this the best

  180. corona

    No complaints here

  181. airmax

    Will be coming back soon. Thanks

  182. jim shaw

    Alles gut

  183. paris hilton

    EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD ! see you soon !

  184. lin

    thumbs up!

  185. lasson

    fantastic vendor like always πŸ™‚ got the transfer yesterday and my paypal account still good.

  186. mathew

    Dont go anywhere else

  187. maxwell

    good vendor whether newbie or experienced has great products and great help

  188. mantis


  189. talia

    First time. was great. buy from him

  190. dady yankee


  191. chevile

    dude needs to be online more hes got that fire

  192. bradey

    Greatly appreciate

  193. hipo

    A+++ vendor thanks

  194. benzima


  195. ray charles

    The best πŸ˜€

  196. jerk

    vendor was prompt and over delivered

  197. andrea

    This vendor is such an amazing person! I do respect him a lot. He is very kind and is really trying his best to help and respond to questions in details. He deserves a 5 star from me for sure! Thank you

  198. escoba

    Well worth the price.

  199. caeser ll

    quick and smooth thanks
    11 months ago

  200. xavi

    Working well thanks

  201. fox

    works flawlessly. professional vendor. would do business again

  202. silk

    Best on this market.

  203. fredy

    Will order from him.

  204. rutter

    this guy doesnt need any feedback… but just to let you guys know hes the BEST IN THE BUSINESSS

  205. adam


  206. rex

    I will buy it again

  207. tarik

    thanks a lot, as usual πŸ™‚

  208. MArkel

    Yow do not waste your money with anyone else. this guy is fo real.

  209. Robertson

    very responsive, the best

  210. sharifa

    This is the only vendor I trust

  211. Nomail

    No response

  212. king N

    All Good! Nice Doing Business with u

  213. masterdon

    quickly accepted and completed

  214. nadal

    really amazing vendor truly a gem, looking forward to coming back soon.

  215. roth

    Good service, polite vendor

  216. Ray

    Thank you again for the service!!

  217. jagger

    not too long of a wait as I know everyone has a life, received order within 12 hours. Great buy!

  218. tallbagger

    best vendor for this!

  219. nina

    Received without issue.

  220. gift


  221. xpanz

    I got it!

  222. humor

    Awesome vendor. Reliable and honest. Thanks!

  223. lamas

    Will def get more

  224. headcoach

    i have no reason to doubt this

  225. jazzy

    im gonna buy again from

  226. mut

    Love this guy. Thank you!!!

  227. olive

    Super fast and legit! A+++

  228. meddy

    super reliable vendor would definitely recommend

  229. Amarock

    very reliable. thanks

  230. kapadona

    As always fully satisfied

  231. dj define

    Great vendor all round

  232. moneyboy

    Decent service as always. Thank you!!

  233. cante

    Reliable as ever

  234. emmy

    A+ service

  235. spark


  236. seagul

    some what fast

  237. smith

    A1 service. very helpful ans responsive vendor. Thank you

  238. paris

    best seller on here

  239. razor

    Was top seller on Empire for a reason and always reliable. Will be back!

  240. zeus

    Fantastic as always

  241. labero

    Thank you!

  242. freeman

    super legit 5 stars

  243. kavey

    Would definitely recommend

  244. blizzard

    had issues but I love these guys still

  245. lazy laz

    5 out of 5. fire

  246. pele


  247. misty


  248. jean

    comt n!ever disappoints

  249. crack

    Good stuff cheers.

  250. felani

    Happy with it,

  251. pelirachi

    dope ass seller.

  252. janny

    awesome thank you.

  253. isah

    working great!

  254. strippr

    legit. thnk u

  255. jumira

    great vendor, generous

  256. billfils


  257. kimmy

    Nice seller thanks

  258. markena

    Same dependable service since AB

  259. Rico

    Great to deal with you

  260. mushkin

    this is a good vendor just some technical difficulties on my end lol

  261. pappy

    Thank you very much!

  262. brain

    Vendor was personable, responsive and delivered

  263. kasper

    always show love to this great vendor

  264. froom

    worth the effort. and money..

  265. casper

    Quick and flawless

  266. barby

    Three thumbs up! Thanks so much!

  267. reacher

    On point

  268. puloma

    Fast and good

  269. tiago

    great vendor he responds fast and will do his best to help you !

  270. mazarati

    really reliable vendor

  271. k. miller

    Good overall. As described. Quick and professional.

  272. granula

    one of the best vendors on the market if not the best frfr

  273. amanda

    Thank you for your services

  274. grifin

    Such a reliable vendor!

  275. goldie

    My guy

  276. capadona


  277. quater mile

    One of the top 2 vendors of all time

  278. bennie man

    Always reliable ++

  279. marcus gavi

    excellent service, I highly recommend

  280. fabian

    please write more articles on hacking and cashing out

  281. shwan

    genuine shop…

  282. cadavilaz


  283. clown

    just wish the price would lower for this

  284. woman

    excellent service

  285. Product

    Fast and reliable team…May i get a direct client who can load my accounts…p.m me on any of the following accounts

  286. melly

    The goods as always, cheers

  287. vanila

    brilliant service

  288. pita

    More than happy to pay premium prices for premium service

  289. reeves

    Pleasure as always

  290. selak

    Replied to my inquiry in only a few hours.

  291. hope

    more than happy to correct an error on my end, super vendor and keep coming back!

  292. sugar

    works just as expected

  293. jack strw

    A++ vendor thanks!

  294. baldwin


  295. tilu

    appreciate it

  296. jeel

    Amazing everytime!

  297. banks

    always the best thanks

  298. tally

    seems very professional

  299. faya

    very good for its price recommend

  300. jeel

    This man is the real deal.

  301. carlos

    Got what I paid for. Thanks.

  302. java

    Worked for me

  303. cashy

    love this vendor

  304. karina

    Very fast in delivery

  305. thyme


  306. coner

    Received on time and just as expected. Thank you!

  307. melisa

    fast delivery under current circumstances! 7

  308. larry M

    No complaints

  309. alice

    took a bit long probably due corona but everything else was top

  310. sagy

    5 staers

  311. mitchel

    Fast response! !Thanks!!

  312. gator

    sorry about the wait on my end, great vendor

  313. wisemen

    one of the most reliable vendors im yet to encounter

  314. slug

    got what I paid for

  315. millionaire

    Excellent service you get what you buy

  316. bolani

    Top notch thanks

  317. harera

    amazing. in gear to buy many many more

  318. malibu

    Super quick delivery

  319. tirek

    thanks for being here doing this for others

  320. salim

    oN point again buddy

  321. valu

    very quick response from vendor. perfect. thank you.

  322. vabit

    fast and good

  323. hustler

    worth the price

  324. vanix

    Got everything I asked and more *Great service

  325. mufasa

    Great seller, over delivered. WIll definitely return.

  326. nika

    in contact with them now

  327. mario

    best vendor for communication ive ever seen

  328. jubrel

    all best

  329. redhot

    exactly as described

  330. logan


  331. pocupine

    order received as stated

  332. tiffany

    thanks very easy !!!

  333. gadafi

    top man

  334. hindu

    Once again another successful delivery of paypal,legit vendor definitely

  335. chevy

    most excellent!!!

  336. lebron

    quite possibly the best money I have ever spent!!!

  337. lupe


  338. allan blow


  339. kawasaki

    you are the man homie. i love your customer service and willingness to help and be an amazing vender thank you!!

  340. exy G

    awesome ass vendor excellent

  341. dona

    Perfect Vendor

  342. billy the goat


  343. bay gray

    Thank you so much!!! I think weve all learned Never lose faith in THE FIRM! 10/10

  344. moonex

    hands down

  345. mesa

    Thanks a lot, im satisfied

  346. koskos

    Sorry for the delay. Exactly as described.

  347. bismak

    responsive vendor, thank you!

  348. ICE t

    Real seller! I recommend him!

  349. ABM

    Updating rating. Vendor is honest , he come back to me to fix problems , be patient if you have any pblm. Thx

  350. xronix


  351. ba sil

    Brilliant stuff as ever! will be back

  352. sode

    all good now..funds in my acc

  353. codrol

    10/10. Will be back!

  354. vlaf

    Thank you!

  355. fela

    Great vendor! Fantastic customer service

  356. agrey

    Top class as usual thanks

  357. clown

    top man

  358. avicci

    Got exactly what I asked for, at this point he is basically my only vendor and cheaper than alot of other prices ive seen.

  359. logger

    Wont offer advice but you will get what you pay for

  360. CNn

    Would reccomend

  361. wikla

    It worked! Thanks mate.

  362. marcona

    The Absolute Best on here. The real definition of a 1 stop shop for all your needs! No need to look anywhere else!

  363. ketty

    works great. thankyou

  364. blanks

    gonna be with this vendor for a very longtime and if i was you i would too

  365. pesh

    Vendor is nice.

  366. like

    fast service 100 positive

  367. karena

    MTCN delivered as promised great vendor would use again

  368. jetty

    As described. I recommend this Vendor!

  369. oval office

    Simple easy good

  370. blush

    Nice vender

  371. falisha

    Excellent seller,quick,recommended for all.

  372. hnsa

    This dude is the real deal! I couldn’t be more happy!

  373. watler

    defs will use AGAIN

  374. notorius

    Very happy

  375. harvey

    1st time buyer – very pleased

  376. wanksta


  377. richboy

    Outstanding vendor & amazing product AAAAA+++++

  378. lolly

    number 1

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