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Florida Fullz


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First name Last name Address City State ZIP DOB SSN

James Jackson 755 Hometown Drive Americus GA 64223 (229) 955-6523 Aug 27 1998 233858688

Price for each fullz is $30 The Fico score of these fullz are not checked so it is not possible to say something about that.

53 reviews for FRESH USA PROFILES

  1. slim

    good one

  2. chipper

    Its ok

  3. jak

    Got them all pretty quickly! Great service and quick response time. Would highly recommend definitely returning customer 5/5 🙂

  4. master

    Excellent info, very user friendly and understandable as well.

  5. Dela

    Good buy

  6. teddy

    Friendly service.

  7. sandra

    Can’t ask for any better

  8. CB

    really nice, got my profiles

  9. MH

    Impeccable service and my personal new fave.

  10. casey

    First order from COMT
    First thoughts are,.. very good. As was the communication from the vendor, obviously deliveries a bit delayed due to corona, seeing this everywhere.

  11. kategena

    Thank you going to see if it works 1st time doing this so either way your service is good

  12. bednego

    Thanks +++++++++

  13. adum

    Thanks alot!

  14. xanax

    Brilliant.. Would highly recommend.

  15. shemale

    Excellent transaction! Instant delivery. Great value!!!

  16. no limit


  17. gaven

    perfect vendor

  18. jeo Fry

    Fantastic service A++

  19. hilum

    CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!! youre just stupid if you buy anywhere else

  20. shavel

    Reliable, top vendor. Will order again soon!.

  21. spandex


  22. clik


  23. tiguan

    can’t complain!

  24. ignite

    very nice thanks

  25. juke

    Very good,

  26. darkwin


  27. migan

    Came in slower than stated

  28. sanjeet

    comt is most OG vendor on the dnet.

  29. bueno

    Trustworthy. swift transaction

  30. dangote

    Quick time to receive order and everything in working condition, will order again soon!

  31. khan

    5 star purchase

  32. jot

    u are truly a great vendor i love u!!

  33. bugati boyz

    Great guys, great product

  34. assault 9

    Need female age 30-45
    Florida, Texas, IN, OH either state
    Need social and birthday as well

  35. slone

    quick delivery

  36. kapa

    I seriously love this vendor

  37. rapper

    The truth

  38. godeal

    All good

  39. owa

    reliable guy and fast

  40. cayman

    recommend this vendor all the time!!

  41. gutterbitch

    the best!

  42. billionaire

    Fast respond time, cant complain

  43. mandy

    Great seller

  44. curbz

    youre amazing – will be needing more soon!

  45. joyce


  46. gemix

    great, thanks

  47. henny

    happy customer

  48. malik

    Alles Super vielen Dank

  49. cuila

    exactly as listed, thanks

  50. foxy

    the best as always

  51. busta ryme

    just got it but delivered immediately as stated

  52. digibyte

    thank you all was good

  53. C ball

    always delivers top quality

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