Our Rules

Now we work only within the framework of our forum, due to the fact that for many years we realized that we can not trust the markets.

If you’ve seen our offer of services on our behalf in another market,Website, RSclub, etc., be careful that is not us.

We work only on our Shop www.cashout-money.net

We do not control the situation in DW markets, and we can say with confidence that market fraud will continue, customers and sellers will lose their money.

Therefore, we decided to work independently of the market, in our website with our old and new customers.

All the markets, sooner or later, will steal money from customers and sellers – it’s a fact, the only issue, it’s a matter of time.

This was done in EVO, AB, HANSA, TR.DREAM,WSM

Why will the market get 3-5% , when the market can get 10000% , and then spending 10.000 $ , will open a new market, under another brand .

We are sure that all new markets and those that are still available will do the same, close their websites, and leave all the money to themselves.

We will work only through our website, so as not to depend on anyone.

Also Note that we shall never tell our customers to store their bitcoins in our wallets for later use.you will only make payment at the actual time of placing an order.

We have been working for many years, and many of us know, we have a large client base, which we trust. We are open to dialogue, to resolve controversial situations and to objectively evaluate our work by our clients.

The fact that there is no escrow does not mean that if the customer sent money, then he can no longer demand replacement in a disputable situation.

If the disputed situation meets the conditions for obtaining a replacement, a replacement will be made.

Carefully Read the RULES below and understand them before attempting to make an order with us

  • We are NOT responsible for held Paypal funds (21 DAY HOLD)
  • We are NOT responsible for Paypal funds under review (PAYMENT HELD)
  • We are NOT responsible for (ACCOUNT LIMITATIONS) . It is your responsibility to know the limits of your account
  • We WILL resend funds that were chargeback/reversed or reversed 48hrs.
  • We need clear and visible VIDEO PROOF of the chargeback/reversed funds with the transaction history of transfer and chargeback
  • There will be NO replacement transfer on fresh accounts
  • There will be NO replacement if funds were successfully cashed out.
  • If you try to scam us you will be banned from future use of our services
  • All refunds are at our discretion.
  • When an order is placed, the transfer arrives at the specified account. You can not change an account while processing an order.
  • Do not contact us asking for Partnerships.
  • Do not contact us asking for ‘TEST’ or Free Money.
  • We are NOT responsible for BLOCKED bank logins
  • when buying CC info you have atleast 30 mins to ask for refund is card is dead/decline
  • When asking for CC replacement you will show us video proof of card decline or dead
  • Venmo and Cashapp transfers have only 1 replacement if funds are frozen or charge back within 24 hours
  • We need clear and visible VIDEO PROOF of the charge back/frozen funds for CashApp and Venmo transfer
  • Kindly pick up your western union funds within 8 hours after you receive your MTCN.
  • It is not always possible to cancel an order if it is already being processed..
  • Do not make an order if you do not intend to pay for it.Making an order and not paying for it will get you banned from using our services
  • All orders are to be paid for within 60 minutes.system will automatically cancel your order after 1 hour if no payment is made
  • We only accept BITCOIN us our form of payment,however we can arrange for other major cryptos.

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