StoneBerry Electronics Carding Method


Required Tools for Carding: 

1. A Computer or Mobile Phone 

2. Good Internet Connection

3. Good VPN, SOCK5 OR RDPImportant) 

4. Credit Cards or Fullz Information

5. CCleaner (Important) 

6. USA or any EUROPE address (Drop)

7. Method or Guide / Brain

8. USA Phone Number / Google Voice

1. After installing your VPN, connect VPN to either to your cc state or your drop state then click on the browser.

2.Go to this website and check if your IP is clean and it has connected to your state, Ones you see No, No, No or No, VPN , NO like you see in the below screenshot means we are  safe.  Secondly check if your disguise percentage is above 70%.

now lets get into the method and what we need

1. Fullz with a high score 

2. USA client address (Drop)

3. The brain 

4. Create an email matching the fullz first name and last name (create an email with

5. Text Now or Google Voice Number 

Once you have the above information, make sure your IP address is still intact. Now let’s move on to the main tutorial

1. With your VPN or Socks5 connected to your fullz state, copy and paste this link into your browser

2. The next to do is to create an account with the  high score fullz,  Click on the drop down Menu around sign in My Account. Then click on Sign In

3. Since we are a new customer, Enter your high fullz score first name, last name and the email matching the fullz first name and last name.

4. Click on Get Pre-Qualified.

5. Again enter your  high fullz score First name, Last name, Address , Date of birth and the Last 4 digit of your SSN that came with the fullz you are using

6. Click on submit after entering all the required information

7. Click on Start Shopping . And browser the shop for 5 to 10 minute and logout from your StoneBerry account

8. After  you logout from the  StoneBerry account. wait for an hour or two then login back to the account. I was going for electronics so I selected Gaming but you can choose anything you want

9. It will direct you to types of gaming product   you can select any of your choice but make sure its not above the credit score they will give you on their website after you got Get Pre-qualified

10. Base on the product they will deduct some cash every month through the ssn so if you are using client fullz use it wisely and click on ADD to CART

11. I won’t advice you add to cart something above $500 if its your first time. In my case this is my third time I am carting so need to be scared. Click on View Cart and Check Out

12. Click on Check Out to Procced

13. Note: ” If the fullz you are using is not for your client or you purchased the fullz. Then you need to edit the address to your drop address. We need to change it, or else the item will be shipped to the full address. Click the edit shipping if you are changing the shipping address.

14. When you click on edit shipping enter the new address you wish to ship. Remember you are changing only the address.

15. In my case I’m shipping to client address so I clicked on Procced to Payment.

16. Now enter the Date Of Birth and the Last 4 digits of the SSN you used from the beginning. With the monthly household income choose amount above $1000

17. After you check if everything is correct click on Place Order

18. If you followed everything correctly like I did you should see the Thank You page like this

19. When you see this click it and log out from the StoneBerry account.

20. You should get this email saying the above image

Conclusion If everything is good, the item will shipped between 5 – 7 days, so keep monitoring your email not your Stone Berry Account

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