This is the simplest guide. Sign up to the websites below click the buy button and you’re on your way. If dogecoin isn’t available on one of these sites you can buy another coin and then exchange it for dogecoin. Easy!

If one site doesn’t work in your country try the next. These sites are suggested because they are fast to sign up to and they don’t have coin withdrawal issues other sites often have. If you are new to this you need to understand that cryptocurrency is big business and they will ask for personal information when signing up the same way that a bank would ask when you sign up with them.

The links I have provided may give you a bonus when you sign up.

These sites allow you to buy dogecoin directly or exchange other currencies for dogecoin. (World Wide) (World Wide excluding US) (World Wide excluding some US states) (World Wide)

Coinspot (Australia)

If you haven’t got dogecoin yet. You can buy another currency on coinbase. Next transfer it and exchange it for dogecoin on any other sites mentioned in this post. (World Wide)

These sites allow you to exchange other coins for dogecoin. The first five sites linked above also allow you to exchange other coins for dogecoin. (World Wide) (World Wide excluding some US states) (World Wide)

You should have dogecoin now. Congratulations!!.

More reading.

I have chosen sites that are the worlds leading sites and have a very good interface and support section. has a lot of great videos that will show you how to exchange coins once you have purchased them if you are unsure.

Secure your coins!!

It’s not great to keep all of your coins on an exchange or buying website as they are targets for hacker.

You should store your coins offline away from a computer and not on the internet! Here is the safest proven method Ledger Nano is a device that backups all your coins and passwords and is very simple to use. You have multiple ways to recover your coins in case anything ever goes wrong. It’s really really simple. You can purchase a Ledger Nano and a free $25 voucher here. Just click add to cart and check out. It’s that simple.

Make sure when you transfer your coins anywhere you transfer a tiny amount first and verify it’s working. Once you have confirmed it’s working then you can transfer the rest of them.


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