Today we have decided to give away our latest 2022 wish.com carding method to you guys, typically we don’t play that low after all this is 2022 and we are not in the business of scoring merchandise whether it’s cheap or not is irrelevant we just do not like the idea of getting someone delivered and then having to sell it, which is why we send almost all of our physical products directly from merchants to our buyers and provide them with tracking.

Nevertheless, for those of you who are starting out and are in need of practice wish.com is the perfect site to practice your carding skills.

NOTE: This is not a “hack or crack the account and bomb the email” useless method that you see “copied and pasted” all over the internet, this is “our own” tested and working method in 2022.

It took us all and all over 8 – 10 minutes to successfully card wish.com because we already have all of our setups in place and we are professionals with more than a decade of experience. So if you’re after the latest jewelry, clothes, electronics, etc. then wish.com is your site to card and we will teach you how to score cheap junk for your trunk.

Carding wish.com is fairly easy, it depends on who is doing it, we don’t mean its a walk in the park type of thing but for those on an expert level, it is indeed easy but experienced carders do not hit wish for us wish (buying merchandise in general) is considered a low hanging fruit, unless otherwise, you’re an unfortunate hustler who happens to have been born and stuck in a third world country where a few $ are considered a lot of money, we all know life’s not fair.


Wish.com was formerly known as ContextLogic before 2011 when it was changed to Wish. The idea of creating Wish is to link buyers and sellers who are willing to sell junk and get paid for it by the buyers, nothing special or unique.

In our honest opinion and that’s just our opinion the carders that hit wish these days are usually from India, Nigeria and maybe some Russians, we are an elite member of the carding scene so we know other elite carding members and when there is a talk about something being “lit” or “cardable” we first analyze whether it’s worth our pursuit by doing a simple “Effort VS Reward” calculation although we did card wish 3 times just for fun before writing this as it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

There are tons of payment methods on Wish.com such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Klarna, Ebanx, iDeal, Visa and MasterCard Debit cards, and Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cirrus, Maestro, and Discover.


The first account we created was deliberately sloppy we just wanted to see their security and for a cheap products website, we must admit they have a pretty decent “macro” in place, for those of you who do not know what “macros” is, well almost all large companies with big data use “macros” to take automated mass actions, this is one of many things we teach in our carding masterclasses. 

Because of our sloppiness wish.com disabled out account pretty quick, if you do not want your Wish.com account to be disabled, make sure to have every tool we list in this article and to exhibit a natural organic behavior at all times. Otherwise, just don’t bother.

Below are the requirements for carding on Wish.

#1. DROP

The Drop is the place where your carded order will arrive.

You can set the drop location to a random place that is not your address but you will be able to get hold of the package.

To be straight, you can use your own address but use a different name, wish.com, as well as other sites, do NOT care one bit as long as they cannot link the other 1,000 fraudulent orders with you as being the same user, so the key here is not to use the same details whether its the name or the address too many times to raise eyebrows.

#2. VPN & SOCKS5

If you can’t afford a premium VPN you shouldn’t be carding, if you cannot afford SOCKS5 then your card will tank and get rejected it’s simple as that, to make money you got to spend some money if you cannot understand this simple fact then stop reading this article further as this will be an utter waste of your time and sites bandwidth.


A PC/Laptop is the best option, but if you prefer working on small screens then any “rooted” Android phone is ok as long as it has at least 1GB or more in RAM.


After buying a live CC from us, create a similar email address. For example, if the CC email address is johndoe@email.com, your new email address should be john.doe@email.com.

#5. Live CC

You will get the high quality live CC from our site, we strongly do not test if it’s live or not as you will most certainly kill it, if you really want to check it then see this article:



That’s a no brainer! Do not bother buying aged wish.com account we carded 3 times only the first attempt got our account disabled as we were deliberately sloppy and the other two times we carded the site in less than 10 minutes each.


Only use firefox through your desktop client whether its SOCKS5 911.re or VIP72, we do not recommend any other socks.

For those who are carding through Android simply configure 911 or vip72 proxies in your mobile Firefox browser. 

We personally use “Sphere Browser” but it’s $100 a month and those offering crack versions will only install spyware/malware in your system and will NOT offer what a subscription offers and NO we are not endorsing “Sphere Browser” we are NOT their affiliates we are telling you a glimpse of our setup and what we use, so let’s move onto the Wish.com carding method.


For the first time because we were deliberately sloppy to check their security wish.com did block our account, so for the second and third time, we carded them like professionals and this is what we did. 

#1. Using “Sphere browser” on PC in “mobile mode” we created a US Wish.com Account using the “Address of our FULLZ” under the card holder’s details.

#2. We “browsed a few products” by checking their details

#3. We added “Windows 10 Professional” (virtual item, no CD) in our cart

#4. We clicked on our “cart” which took us to the payment section with options “CC or PayPal”, we picked CC and used the “same CC” we created the account under.

#5. After adding the CC we added our “shipping address SAME as the CC holders address”

#6. We checked out smoothly and then the “key and details” were sent to us in the next 90 minutes via Email.

#7. That’s how we completed our “Second Virtual Order” successfully on Wish.com, it took us 7 – 10 minutes.


#1. Using “Sphere browser” on PC in “mobile mode” we created a US Wish.com Account using the “Address of our FULLZ” under the card holder’s details.

#2. We “browsed a few products” by checking their details.

#3. We added “An android Phone Worth $127” in our cart.

#4. We clicked on our “cart” which took us to the payment section with options “CC or PayPal”, we picked CC and used the “same CC” we created the account under.

#5. After adding the CC we added our “shipping address as our drop address”

#6. We checked out smoothly and then it said our order’s on the way!

#7. That’s how we completed our “Third Physical Order” successfully on Wish.com, it took us 7 – 10 minutes.


As we said earlier if you buy our carding masterclass in which we explain absolutely everything, you will notice that carding is fairly straightforward as long as you have the necessary tools needed and know the structure, almost all sites allow billing and shipping conflict because its normal for a person to buy the item on a card and have it shipped to their workplace or a different address.

The less you complicate carding as a job, the easier it is to carry it out!

For those hustlers who expect to earn $$$ for free by using free tools such as free VPN, free socks5, free CC’s free nulled browsers, and so on, our site offers absolutely no value to you because we always recommend our users to spend $$$ to make $$$ and that’s the difference in those who believe things like “some sites are cardable while others are not” so on and so.

Those who use premium tools and are able to invest and spend money to make more money know every site is cardable as long as it allows CNP (card not present) transactions + shipping and billing to be different which almost all sites do.

Best of luck everyone, see you on the other side!

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